Joshua Jones 25.05.22. Chell Heath.  Gary ia a fantastic instructor. He's very patient and easy to talk to, and has a great method of teaching. Highly recommended.

Thomas Cartwright 08.02.22 Milton.  Gary ia a fantastic driving instructor! He really cares and helps his students, explaining everything thoroughly and reassuring you throughout the lessons. He's extremely calm and patient, and makes lessons enjoyable, not stressful like I have experianced previously. Would highly recommend 100%! 

Travis Chawner Bowers 24.11.21 Light Oaks.Gary has been absolutely brilliant and helped me to pass my test first time. I looked forward to every lesson with Gary and every lesson I felt a better driver and more confident as well as this some great conversations and so easy to get along with. Couldn't recommend enough.

Kyle Tideswell 06.10.21 Wolstanton. Gary helped me pass my test 1st time, he helped and makes sure you complete everything correctly and adds his sense of humour into this. It's been a pleasure learning from him and would highly recommend.

Alex Lovatt 27.04.21 Leek. Excellent instructor. Understands how quick people can learn and adapt to when they don't feel confident. Very easy to talk to! 

George Craggs 24.04.21Tunstall.Amazing instructor , nice relaxed approach to learning. Very sociable and easy to get along with aswell. Essentially, everything you would ever need in a driving instructor you have with Gary. Passed first time so he must have done something right lol ;-) Thank you :-) . 

Ethan Snape 08.12.2020 Endon. Oh my god is Gary the best driving instructor in the world. He’s the funniest and most patient driver in existence. And I’ll always remember the fun times we had driving, and that no matter how much I struggled with driving he’d always manage to make me feel confident in my ability again, and turn me into a great driving when I didn’t think it was even possible. I’ve also made a great friend out of this experience, and I can’t recommend Gary enough. He is by far the best driving instructor to have ever graced this Earth, and I wouldn’t have wanted any one else but him teaching me how to drive :).

Emily Haddon 04.08.2020 Bentilee.  Both me and my other half did our lessons with gary and are now both drivers. Gary is a great instructor would recommend him to anyone 100%. Very easy to get on with, help me loads with confidence through driving.

Luke Palmer 06.01.20 Newcastle.  I passed first time with Gary's teachings. Not only does he help you to learn at your own pace, but he also makes lessons enjoyable and has an acerbic wit.

Benjamin Jennings 05.09.19 Trentham.  Gary is an excellent driving instructor and one who I would recommend to anyone. The tuition was personalised according to my own driving needsand progress. This personal approach enables him to offer more than just a generic driving course. Through it he was able to build confidence, teach new skills and provide crucial feedback throughout. Always reliable and professional, he evidently cares about his work and ensures that he gives you the best service he can. His manner is friendly, chatty and he has a sense of humour. This is good for easing nerves, but the humour should be considered an added value to the service in an industry where it is badly needed. Driving has opened up many possibilities, saved my time (and legs) from cycling everywhere, saved my money from endless trains and buses, and enabled me to take the dogout for regular mountainous treks across the country. Thanks Gary.

Thomas Eaton 04.06.19 Norton.  Very happy to have had Gary as my driving instructor he is responsible for my driving skills now. I started not knowing much about how to drive but because of Gary I know I am a 100 times better and I thank Gary for that. He's a great professional always up for a laugh we have had such a good time on the road and I would recommend him to anyone who is starting driving, all the best for the future :-) Thank you.

Kain Perren 23.05.19 May Bank Newcastle.  I have recently passed my driving test , and I wouldn't have done it without Gary. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is beginning to drive.

Samuel Edwards 09.05.19 Milton. Couldn't have wished for a better driving instructor, makes you know what you need to know, really patient, gives you the confidence you need to pass your test, and lastly entertains you with some shocking jokes along the way. Always great banter , would highly recommend.       

Elliot Merritt 26.03.19 Brown Edge. Gary ia an excellent driving instructor, very patient and making sure you have all the knowledge you need to pass your test. Also made lessons enjoyable! Thanks Gary. 

Jack Allan 18.02.19 Leek. Gary is a great driving instructor that helped me pass first time. He is very patient and helped me to develope my driving skills and to boost my confidence. Highly recommend Gary.

Lucy Gater 20.11.18 Baddeley Green. Gary is a great instructor who has excellent driving experiance, patience and great chat. He has not only helped me pass my test but has also taught me how to be a safe and confident driver.  Would highly recommend !  Thanks Gary.

Josh Baddeley 01.11.18 Brown Edge. Gaz was a fantastic instructor really patient and helped me threw driving all the wayand enjoyed it all the time had a great laugh as well in the process passed first time! Would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to learn to drive!  Fantastic instructor.

Caitlin Poole 29.08.18 Chell Heath.I started off not even knowing how to move a car, I didn't even dare to turn it on, Gary always reassured me that nothing bad would happen. He was extremely supportive, very  easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable from myfirst lesson. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors because not only were my skills where they needed to be but he mentally prepared me as well. Brilliant instructor and would recommend him to anyone.

Bethany Barristow Morris 22.06.18 Stanley. I passed first time with Gary. He was a very patient, thourough and friendly teacher and I would recommend him to anyone.

Jack Hudson 06.06.18 Brown Edge. Gary was an excellent instructor, he was very supportive and patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jack Furness 31.05.18 Shelton. Since I first started having driving lessons with Gary, my confidence in driving has shot up. As well as preparing you in full for a driving test, Gary teaches you driving skills for life. With Gary I passed at the first attemptwith Garyand I would recommend him to anyone.

Alistair Gallimore 25.04.18 Market Drayton.Just passed my test today, Gary's been a great teacher that has helped me come a long way in terms of driving ability in a short space of time. Helpful, understanding and reliable, I'd recommend Gary to anyone who needs to learn to drive.

Oliver Whittaker 12.03.18 Milton. Driving has always been something I found tricky and after having lessons with Gary, driving has been easy. Very patient and knolagable instructor, willing to try and fit you in anytime. Wouldn't reco mmend any other instructor.

Kane Leese 03.01.18 Lightwood. Very patient driving instructor that helped to build my confidence on the roadsmassively. Once everything was covered allowed me to decide what the focus of the lesson would be so that I was confident on every topic when my test came around. Passed first time and would recommend Gary to anybody.

Emily Smith 27.11.17 Biddulph. Gary was a fab instructor! He was very patient and I felt very comfortable. The lessons were productive and now I have passed, I am confident enough to safely make journeys on my own . Gary doesn't just teach you to drive so that you can pass your test, he teaches you for the 'real world' of driving ! Will be definitelyrecommending Gary Bennett Driving School.

Jake Machin 21.09.17 Norton Green. Absolute top guy, got me through passing my test , makes you feel comfortable when doing the lessons and have a rate good natter too! Would recommend to anyone.

Tom Lawton 20.08.17 Baddeley Green. Gary was very patient, methodical and easy going. Lessons arranged to suit, no problems with time or location changes, had a good laugh and passed first time . Highly recomended.

Tyler James Hodgkinson 14.08.17 Brown Edge. All the lessons that I had with Gary were not only spent building and improving my driving skills, bet were used to perfect my driver confidence. After learning many driving skills, Gary gave me the opportunity to cover certain aspects of driving that I felt needed the most improvement. This gave a type of flexibility to the lessons, as I was using the time to improve aspects of my driving that I felt I needed the most work. This really enhanced my driver confidence and made the lessons tailored to my ability which enabled me to effectively move through lessons at my own pace.

Gary always ensured that I drove safely and correctly, whilst never losing his patience with me. He is a calm and informative instructor who, throughout his time teaching me, never failed to make the lessons enjoyable. Gary's methods of teaching are extremely effective, whereby he has the ability to teach you at a top class level whilst having a good level of banter.

Overall, I would recommend Gary due to his expertise and his ability to make learning enjoyable and personal to each learner. He was definitely the best instructor I could of asked forand it was a pleasure to be taught by him.

Megan Abbott 20.05.17 Chell Heath. Brilliant driving instructor, very patient with great support ! Would recomend to anyone wanting to learn, taught both me and my brother amazingly , can't fault Gary at all. 

Joe Waterson 07.07.17 Brown Edge. Brilliant instructor plenty of patience I pass first time with 3 minors would highly recommend Gary.

Tom Wilshaw 28.01.17 Norton Green. A friendly and patient instructor who ensures you are safe and ready for the road. His lessons are enjoyable and imformative and helped me pass first time with only 3 minors.

Bradley Blamire 29.01.17 Sneyd Green.  Since starting my lessons with Gary I was made to feel safe and comfortable on the road. Gary's friendly and professional approach turned me from an unconfident learner to an empowered first time passer with only two minors. Gary not only teaches you the skills and knowledge required to pass on your practical, but also provides free valuable insight and revision resources to help pass your theory test. Not only was Gary my driving instructor but he also my friend, he is a very patient understanding instructor who can fully commit to your needs as a driver, there is quite literally no other instrctor I could recommend, and will be recommending him to everyone in the future.

Emily Machin 03.01.17 Bagnal. Gary is a patient instructor and takes his time to make sure you are prepared for your theory and practical test. Would highly recommend.

Gavin Blamire 19.12.16 Sneyd Green. Gary ia a brilliant driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a very patient and understanding and made every lesson enjoyable.

Courtney Chell 29.11.16 Norton.Brilliant driving instructor. Had some great conversations while driving. Great teaching and support with the theory test. Would definatly recommend. I passed on the second try with only three minors. Thanks Gary.

Matthew Keeling 25.07.16 Biddulph. A very patient and understanding driving instructor, always punctual and always pleasant to learn with. He always made every lesson enjoyable and in some ways I'm sad it's come to a close.

Amber Barker 18.07.16. Northwood.  I would recommend Gary as a driving instructor, very patient and makes learning to drive fun and easy :-)

George Mellor 15.07.16 Bagnal. Gary is a patient and reliable instructor who over time transforms you into a confident and safe driver.

Kyle Littlehales 16.06.16 Chell Heath.Gary is a great driving instructor , I went in to my lessons very nervous but Gary instantly changed that. I felt he always got the best out of me and turned me in to a confident driver. He's very patient and friendly and made every lesson enjoyable. He's very professional and I would recommend him to anyone.

Samantha Alcock 10.06.16 Cheddelton.Gary has been a wonderful driving instructor, he was always very patient and pushed me out of my comfort zone a little more each week without pushing me too far too quickly. He didn't just teach me to be a good enough driver to pass the test but taught me how to drive safely for life after I'd passed. Thank you Gary !

Stacey Barley 25.05.16 Tunstall. I have just passed my test first time and I would like to thank Gary for everything he has done for me to help me to get to learn the skills of driving. He made all of the lessons fun and relaxing and he is such a great person to be around, don't think there was one lesson where we weren't laughing at something. Would defiantly recommend Gary to anyone who is looking to learn to drive.

James Lindop 29.04.16 Birches Head. Very patient and makes you very relaxed behind the wheel. Enjoyed every lesson and was a pleasure to have had him as my instructor! Service was always 10/10 and was always helping when in difficult situations. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an instructor.

Emily Shirley. 24.06.16 Biddulph. I have recently passed my driving test first time, and I can honestly say that Gary is a brilliant instructor! He is a very relaxed person which is ideal for someone who may be nervous about learning to drive. He made the lessons fun but never pushed me further than I was capable, this excellent teaching method helped me to greatly improve my skills. I would definetly recommend Gary to anyone learning to drive. 

Jake Abbott 02.02.16 Chell Heath. Throughout my time with Gary, he has developed my driving skills and made me a much better driver on the road. The service is excellent and the value for money is also grest , you get a lot done with Gary in the time which you have your lessons. Worth evry penny!.

Jack Sargeant 02.02.15 Endon. Gary is a brilliant and patient instructor. He is clear and understanding of nerves and manages to make light of stressful situations. Would definitely recomend Gary to anyone , especially those anxious about learning to drive.

Emily Walker 28.07.15 Chesterton.Firstly I would like to thank Garry for all his hard work, determination and patience to help me to pass. I would 100% recommend him, if you want someone who can understand you and where you need to improve to become a better and safer driver then Garry is the one. Thanks again for everything you have taught me.

Stephanie Bedson 23.07.15 Birches Head.  I can't beegin to explain how brilliant Gary has been. It was like spending an hour with a friend every week. Even though I am ecstatic that I have passed, I will really miss our lessons. Gary has taken me from a nervous and reluctant driver to someone who is confident behind the wheel. I can't thank him enough.

Jeff Harry Jolley 21.05.15 Helmerend.I would highly recommend Gary to anyone. He's been a brilliant instructor for me. He was patient from day one. He's a nice guy all round. He made the lessons fun and he made me relaxed. He also helped me to pass my test first, and he also helped me with my theory which I passed first time, so I can't thank Gary enough.

Robert Lee Bailey 11.05.15 Bentilee.Gary Bennett is such amazing driving instructor. Firstly he would write notes on your lessons where he could refer back to you telling you what you need to sustain being good at and what you need improve on. He would always attack your weaknesses so you could become a better overall driver and he would make driving fun. Prior to gary I had another instructor who made me hate driving and made my time rubbish and learnt me nothing. However Gary took me under his wing and made things fun he always makes a driving lesson fun hes good value for money, he delivers a good wuality service five stars all around. 

Jordan Minton 09 02.15 Birches Head. Excellent driving instructor , very patient, with brilliant teaching skills, highly recommended.

Declan Johnson 13.02.15 Norton. First offI would like to thank Gary Bennett for all the hard work and effort he has put in on helping me to get my driving licence, Gary is an amazing instructor that I would recommend to everybody. He wasn't just my instructor he was a good friend as from day  one he has always been friendly and has a really good attitude towards helping people pass thier test, if anyone is looking for a great service, great value for money and a genuinely nice guy then please go with Gary Bennett.

Jonny Gosling 07.02.15 Bagnal. Brilliant instructor, made lessons fun and easy to learn.

Paul Kelly 02.01.15  Fenton.  Fantastic driving instructor very friendly with a great personality and sence of humor. I passed my theory and practical test 1st time all thanks to this guy, would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Kerry Davies 26.11.14 Hartshill. Gary is a fantastic driving instructor , showing great patients and brillient teaching methods. Gary doesn't just teach you how to pass a test, he prepares you for driving confidently and safelyafter your test.

Charlie Machin 06.10.14 Brown Edge. Absolutely brilliant driving school, the service is brilliant, guaranteed to get you to the standard you need to pass your test, the value for money is brilliant, a very good car to learn to drive in, gives good support for those who might need it, a very patient instructor, Gary adds no pressure what so ever and is a very relaxed person, would highly recommend this business to anyone who is about to start out driving. 

Joel Sinclair 04.10.14 Chell Heath.Gary is an excellent and considerate driving instructor who makes the lessons enjoyable and suited to your needs. He has a great sense of humor and can easily turn a moment of nerves into a joke. I passed my test first time with only two minors and had never driven before my lessons. He doesn't push you to more than you can handle but knows when to take the next steps. My driving is now at a safe standard and I can't thank him enough. 

Charlie Eardley 23.09.14 Endon. Very relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Very little pressure put on the learner; an excellent environment to learn in. Really nice guy, super easy to get on with, exceptional sense of humour!! Cannot recommend enough. 

Tyler Eason 22.08.14 Bucknal. Gary is a brilliant driving instructor with his guidance I passed first time. I miss my weekly lesson as Gary is patient and has a great sense of humour. He would pick me up after college, I'd have a lesson and then get dropped off at home. I have already passed his number on to a friend of mine who is struggling with his current instructor. Thanks a lot Gary. 

Guy Simmonds 17.08.14 Leek. Passed first time with Gary, very patient with you and will always try to fit your lessons around your schedule. I couldn't recommend him more!

Jason Buckley 10.08.14 Newcastle. Gary is a great driving instructor. I passed first time with Gary. He has a very relaxed style and is very honest I.e won't let you have more lessons than you need. Gary explains new concepts very well and uses diagrams to help explain which really helps understanding. I'd definitely recommend Gary!

Ben Jackson 01.08.14 Biddulph. Gary is a very good instructor and I would highly recommend him to anybody that is just starting out driving as he is relaxed and doesn't add any pressure on you to pass and allows you to go at your own pace. I passed first time with Gary with no driving experience before hand as he made driving a lot easier for me. Couldn't recommend him enough.

Adam Hargreaves 12.01.14 Endon. Gary is a brilliant driving instructor. He is very patient and has a great sense of humour. I would recommend Gary to anyone.
Lauren Berrisford 25.11.13.  Brilliant friendly guy,who has masses of patience. Instructing is done thoroughly, which allowed me to pass first time.
Thomas Jones 09.11.13 Newcastle. I first went with a so called professional driving school, but was disappointed and left after two weeks, and so I chose to go with Gary. Gary has an awesome sense of humour and is extremely friendly and understanding. I passed first time with Garyas I felt more confident. I would recommend to anyone.
Joe Green 03.11.13 Hartshill. Great instructor. Gary really helped me grow in confidence with driving and helped me focus on my weak spots so that I was able to pass. He is always on time, chooses different and enjoyable lesson routes that test you and improve your learning, and you can have a laugh with him at the same time! Thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Gary. Would 100% recommend him.

Joseph Flemming 28.09.13 Endon. Gary is a brilliant instructor, I would highly recommend him because his patience and excellent sense humour made my lessons really enjoyable. I'll always miss my lessons with Gary. He helped me pass first time and I'll never forget him.

Bradley Martin 10.16.13 Adderley Green.Great instructor and top guy. I had my first driving lesson on my 17th birthday in March. Right from the start he makes you feel comfortable and is very patient when you mess up, he taught me to drive very well and I passed both my theory and practical tests first time. Gary has a great sense of humour and is very easy to talk to. I would and have recommended him to any one wanting to learn to drive. Unlike some instructors he never once shouted or even raised his voice when I stalled or made a mistake! Gary will also tell you when he thinks your ready and will not hold you back, he also doesn't push you to do something if you don't feel comfortable doing it. Overall he's a good instructor and a great guy. Would highly recommend! Thanks Gary.

Salvatore Galante 14.03.13 Smallthorne. Top instructor, highly recommend to anyone. Very friendly service. I passed first time with Gary!

Dylan Wagg 03.03.13 Norton. An excellent instructor. Gary Bennett is the best, always on time, keeps his cool and his teaching techniques are phenomenal. You can have a laugh with him but also pass in a short time. I enjoyed every lesson and you would too. I passed with only two minors all thanks to him. Not only do you learn the key essentials to pass your test but also the key facts to continue to drive safely once you have passed.

James Mcdonald 17.03.13 Biddulph. I chose Gary instead of going with a major driving school because I thought I would find this to be on a more personal level and I was right! I found Gary very reassuring, he put me at ease from the beginning and I felt we built up a great rapport. I was fortunate enough to pass both the theory driving test first time. I can't thank Gary enough for getting me to achieve this. I would highly recommend Gary to any person of any age group, as I feel he has excellent qualities as a driving instructor. Great service!!! Highly recommend this driving instructor service to anyone.

Natalie Whitmore 03.11.11 Stoke On Trent. I first contacted Gary after trying two previous driving instructors who made me very nervous and uneasy about driving. As soon as I spoke to Gary on the phone I knew that he was friendly, approachable and understanding. I was a nervous driver to start with but I had full confidence in Gary. Gary was very professional, clearly explained everything and was very patient. He knows when to push you to progress further and makes learning very enjoyable. Gary helped me to reach a high standard in my theory and practical driving which resulted in me passing both tests first time. I only got two minors in my driving test which you wouldn't believe if you saw my driving when I first started! I cannot thank Gary enough for teaching me and making it an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Gary to friends, family and anyone that reads this review.

Magnus Elander 01.11.11 Crewe. Gary helped me to pass first time! He's very patient and helps you to perfect your driving skills. He very knowledgeable about what is required to pass the test and what the examiners look for. He's always on time for lessons and does his best to fit you in where possible. He's also got a great sense of humour! :-)

Kevin Bedson 06.08.11 Fenton.On the first lesson I felt comfortable with Gary as he made me feel very confident. Throughout the learning, i felt I made progress on each lesson due to the fact that Gary was very relaxed and the manner in which he approached any errors was very constructive. This resulted in me passing first time I had a very enjoyable experience learning to drive with Gary.

Mr A Danso 02.08.11 Brown Edge. I was very pleased with the service offered by Gary. The driving instructor was very friendly, professional and patient. I was tutored to a very high standard on both my practical and theory. I passed both my driving and theory test on the first attempt. This was all down to the guidance I received from Gary and I would certainly recommend them to family and friends.

Jonathon Jones 28.07.11 Madeley. After  a unsuccessful period with a first driving instructor I heard about Gary from a friend, as I rang for information I instantly took a liking to him, very friendly and patient, and within the week I had my first lesson with him.  Excellent  instructor  whom is always giving tips and even helps with theory test with exercise sheets.  Not only did i pass my theory with Miles Ahead I did my pass plus ... this again was excellent  and within 2 weeks this was also passed.  All I can say is thank you Gary.

Richard Lovatt 03.03.11 Norton. I passed first time thanks to Gary I am so glad I chose Miles Ahead, worth every penny. Thank you first class service Gary.

Mart Issah 03.0311 Brown Edge. Gary is very patient and an excellent instructor. Passed my test first time and would recommend him to anyone.

Raoxanne Nicholls 27.02.11 Norton. I passed my driving test first time, what more do I need to say? As a very nervous learner driver, Gary was exceptionally patient and calming with me. He was supportive and helped me with parts of driving I found most difficult. He did not rush me into things I didn't want to do, like the A500! But, when the time came when I needed to overcome my nerves, Gary made sure I knew everything I needed to know and guided me through everything step-by-step. As I began to improve, Gary set me realistic targets and made sure I was ready for a test before booking it. If ever I was unsure of any theory or practical information, he would make sure to go over everything with me. He kept notes of my progress from the start and knew exactly what I needed to work on each week. I have recommended Gary to all my family and would recommend him to anyone in need of a driving instructor!